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Monday, July 4, 2011

nak cari bf mat saleh!

me: "hello sir. welcome to petronas station. what can i help you"
mat saleh: "i want diesel for 50 ringgit"
me: "ok sir. anything else"
mat saleh: "that's all. thank you. sabah is really2 nice place"
me: "owh yeah"
mat saleh: "yeah. sabah ...................................................."
me: "???"
mat saleh: "sabah.........................?"
me: "ha?"
mat saleh: "sabah..........................?"
me: "pardon"
mat saleh: "sabah..............................?"
me: "owh..erm..ok..yeah.."
mat saleh: "ok girls. it's ok. thank you. have a good day"
me: "have a good day too sir'
me: *sigh*

haram x phm pe yg mat saleh tu cakap!.. how dare!. seriously, i can't get what that mat saleh said to me. owh~ owh~ owh~ OMG!.. i think i have to enter standard 1 blik la. atoi~~ i very2 shy. sure2 that mat saleh gelakkan saya. huhu.

i need someone to teach me english. not to teach sangat la but talk with me in english. so the best thing is-"i need to find bf mat saleh!".. ahahaha.. so, who want to be my boyfriend please rise your hand!.. me improve my english please..=)

i have try a few simple ways to improve my english skill for example read english novel, newspaper, watch english movie, drama, listen to english song but i think my english level still poor.. how come.. the last thing i can try is berkawan dgn bangsa2 lain..

so nnt sem 3 nk try cri kwn indian or chinese klau dpt bf mat saleh lg la bes..kuang3

jom try angry bird!

hello bloggerz.. good evening..

have you ever heard about angry bird.. do you know what is that.. owh, it's actually a puzzle video game. very fun, interesting and cool. it also not wasting your time because you used your mind to build up your own strategies and plan. (ceh,beriya je cakap kn) . hehe

so just now i start playing angry bird . my friend recommend to me about this game. before this i have heard about angry bird, but i just like oo-aha-yea,yea,yea-whatever . but when i start playing, i very,very,very............. love it. seriously this game was very2 cute and funny.

let me tell you how to play it. first of all just go to this link , than wait for a few minute for this game to be loading. then follow the step. you just have to take control of the birds and launch the birds to you target that is fat-green-evil-pig . the pigs have been sheltered by something so you have to launch the birds to break the shelter and destroy the evil pigs.

for the first stage, it is not really hard and only 1 pig you have to destroy. for the next next next level, the pig will be increase and their shelter will be upgrade to strong-and-far-more-stronger shelter. i'm not really sure until which level you can play but from what i know, in each stage, there are 21 level you have to complete before going to other stage.

so why not you try to play this game. i'm sure you will not menyesal. hehe. selamat mencuba ;)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

low manners pye customer!

selamat malam sume..

pg td aq de bengang ngn customer... mmg dy very the low manners.. i hate u customer!.. shuh3.. so hr nie aq nk mention perangai2 customer yg aq plg menyampah n sgt2 membengangkan aq..

1. aq x ske klau aq dh hulur tgn tp customer letak je kt bwh tmpt byr 2. plg buat aq naik darah klau customer 2 lempar duit.. haishh. mmg nk mkn maki hamun aq btul.
2. aq plg menyampah klau duit yg customer bg 2 bergulung2 pelbagai bentuk, bulat ke hape ke. mmg aq pantang btul klau mcm 2.

3. time tgh mlm 2 kkdg aq trtdow. so de customer yg very the rude akan ketuk sekuat hti smpai buat aq nk trcabut jntung. 2 mmg aq sgt BENGANG! x pyh la nk ketuk2 smpai nk tggl tgn ko 2. pggl je kn bole. bkn aq jauh pown. dpn kaunter je OK! biadap!.

4. aq plg x ske klau tgh rmai2 customer nie, ko potong2 line org. pas 2 mintak mcm2 . nk resit 2 la resit nie la.

5. aq benci n f*** customer yg ambik ksmptn! hulur tgn pas 2 nk pegang2 plk. woi! hotak hang la! biadap btol! siap bole komen2 lg ckp tgn lembut la halus la. damn!

6. aq mls btol nk lyn customer yg gtal. nk mntk no fon la, ambik gmbr la. haish!!!!

7. aq x ske customer yg x reti sabar! geng dy tgh g mmbyr kt depan. dy plk dh sibuk nk agkt nozzle. pas 2 nk ngencang2 lak. pe hl kau!

8. kkdg 2 de customer yg x reti bhse! ktorg ckp de mslh, dy pkse2 lg ktorg set myk utk dy. ko nie g skola x. org ckp skjp, skjp la. sepak kang!

9. aq plg benci customer yg x jujur! kkdg 2 aq trlebih bg baki or terlebih set myk, tp diorg buat bodo je. bla laju2. woi bro. jujur la!!! x psl2 duit gji aq kne tolak.

de lg byk sbnrnye perangai customer yg aq x ske. tp x leh mention lbh2. kang x psl2 customer bce blog aq, trus ban tmpt aq kje. huhu