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Saturday, February 19, 2011

putrajaya oh PICC-1st entry

assalamualaikum..hello everybody..=)..hehe

for today i want to share a few input that i get when i was attending RUC(real undergraduate conference)..maybe you think this is just a word that you always hear,but to me,it was a words of wisdom that can give me a little bit of i want to share it with all my friends..

" ==>5 criterias of a good leader:

==>3 sentences for getting success:
-know more than others
-work more than others
-expect less than others

==>many people out there who want to pull you down,but many people don't want you to get higher

==>your attitude determine your altitude

==>"I will not say that I failed 1000 times,but I will say that I have discover 1000 ways that can cause failure"

==>4 things that went they break,they don't make noise,but pain a lot that is:

and also not forget,MEPS concept develop by our first Malaysian women solo explorer and first asian woman to travel to the north and south pole that is Dato Paduka Hajah Syarifah Mazlina ..i love to hear her speech because she has a lot of experienced to be share with us

so, MEPS is stand for:

if you want more elaboration,just click on this link ok..=)


that's a few of words that i still,hopefully you can get a little bit inspired from it...

good luck friends

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