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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

^upside down^

today was a fairytale~~
no la..
today was the lucky day..
we end our class at 5.30 p.m..
then we straight away go to mosque..
and fortunately today our decant want to break fast with all FTMK student..
~we also la~
so,we get free dishes for today...
but unfortunately,
we was the last student..
then we didn't get kueh and date...
we feel so upset..
but then after we finished pray,
we make 1 sen face,
and slow talk 2 kak priya..
my friend said..
'kak priya darling,
we have exam at 8 a.m..
can we get our food first..
this is an emergency..
~with emotional voice~
then after that kak priya go and slow talk with loganesh..
our FTMK MPP..
then Loga 'mengayat' serving girl..
then after get she let us get our food first..
macam org yg x prnh mkn 50 years,
they tros serbu je makanan tu semua..
bismillah 2 pown i don't know whether they said it or not..
dengan perasaan yg bersungguh-sungguh,
they eat without looking at anyone..
until pinggan 2 dried,
in only 5 minutes you know!!!!
can you imagine how fast they eat...
then after that,
on the way they want to wash their hand,
they meet madam norazlin..
madam norazlin said exam will be held at 8.30 pm..
diorg pown serbu khemah makanan 2 utk round ke2 plk...
makan laksa,
mi sup,
roti jala,
and air sampai bpe kali round pown aq x tw..
mmg mkn besar la diorang nie..
trok btol..
dah kenyang makan sume,
kol 8.15 gerak g dewan..
then dlam perjalanan,
sume senak perut..
pe x nye..
pas makan kenyang2,
jalan laju2,
jao plk 2..
mmg la tercabut pancreas 2..
pape pown,
group BITD nie mmg gler siot..
perangai yang aq x pernah jmpe sblum nie..
wei,aq malu tw x!!!
hina gler!!
pape pown,
syok nye menggila bersama korang..

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